Town of Garland, North Carolina
"Greatness Grows in Garland"
​Post Office Box 207        190 South Church Avenue           Garland, North Carolina    28441       (910) 529-4141  
FAX:  (910) 529-1393 


Commissioner Winifred Hill Murphy (elected in November 2011) was appointed Mayor for the Town of Garland on February 2, 2012. Mayor Murphy was elected Mayor in November 2013 and will serve a four-year term. Mayor Murphy is the first female and first African American mayor to be appointed and elected for the Town of Garland. The Mayor was re-elected on November 7, 2017 and will serve a two-year term.

The town is governed by a mayor-council form of government.  Elected officials consist of the mayor and five commissioners or council members.  When elected, officials serve a four-year term. Present elected and appointed officials are:

                                                                                  Term Expiration:

Mayor Winifred Hill Murphy                                      2019            (Elected November 2017
Mayor Pro-Tem Ralph Smith                                      2019            (Appointed September 2017)    
Commissioner S. J. Smith                                            2021            (Elected November 2017)
Commissioner Eddie Bronson Jr                              2021            (Elected November 2017)
Commissioner Austin Brown                                     2021             (Elected November 2017)
Commissioner Lee Carberry                                      2019             (Appointed July 2017)

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Board Attorney:   Michael Porter, Esquire