The Department of Planning and Zoning is responsible for planning the physical growth and development for the Town of Garland. This department also reviews site plans to make sure that plans are in compliance with the town's Land Usage Ordinance. For any questions or concerns about zoning, please contact our Zoning Officer at (910) 529-4141.

Important Documents:



Ms. Shauna' Harper- Deputy Town Clerk


PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD             Term                               Expires 

Mrs. Hanna Wise Brown - Chair                2 Year Term                         4-20-2023
Mrs. Wanda Hill Simmons                         3 Year Term                         4-20-2024
Mrs. Mary B Brown                                    1 Year Term                         4-20-2022
Mrs. Velda Jones-Brown                           2 Year Term                         4-20-2023
Mr. Tim Register                                        1 Year Term                         4-20-2022


BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT MEMBERS                   Term                                     Expires

Mrs. Shelia Smith                                                          2 Year Term                              4-20-2023

Mrs. Cynthia Murphy                                                    2 Year Term                               4-20-2023


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